Dev Log 10 Part 1. Finalizing For Closed Alpha.


Its been more than a year since the last official dev log. So this is a big and important one, and the final one before closed alpha release. This will be a multi part log so you don’t have to read an essay.

I have decided to release in closed alpha first before the early access, for obvious reasons. The game is too complicated for public release right away even in its limited early access. Also, since this phase of coding was the last remaining major section that needed a lot of work, it should mean there will be no more long delays between updates/logs.

So I will begin with what took so long in part 1, the logistics system:

Logistics in action, salvaging, miners leaving area to mine a asteroid field, supplying new ships and of constructions in progress including a ship being built in stations shipyard. Please note the seeing lag at certain times in the gif is due the time skip in game (you can see me clicking on it) its not actual lag.

Due to hubris, I decided to add a logistics earlier on in development, and not a regular type of abstracted system you find in most 4x games but a physicalized one. IE: The ships and colonies transport and or hold the resources in a specific amount to do stuff with. What could go wrong, its only a bunch of numbers in some lists, no big deal right? Wrong! Even the tiniest of mistakes can cause massive problems for efficiency up to the point of completely freezing the computer if its not coded well. As another developer I talked to on discord recently said, logistics is like glitter, once you implement it, it gets on and in everything. Thus no sloppy code could be tolerated.

The area of the game that took most effort regarding the logistics is the full 3d level. This is the part which resembles the game Homeworld to many who see screenshots of it. Even more specific was the combination of the full 3d and the highly procedural nature of the base code which the logistics system has to be able to use correctly. As an example one cannot simply instantiate a freighter or ship to hold some goods to represent freight, it has to use the full ship system. IE: The freighters transporting things and doing the logistics have to be fully realized essentially the same way the regular ships are but with an added layer of independence and automation. Also one must not forget the saving and loading of the whole system, which was another pain in the neck. However this whole troublesome phase in development was eventually dealt with, or rather beaten into submission after a grueling fight.

Mining action which uses the logistics system, moves the metals and gases in the asteroid into the cargo holds. This is happening in an asteroid belt in the outskirts of a system, hence ambient light is low.

Summary of the current logistics system and its basic functionality for the player. (These are mostly complete, though there are some minor issues and missing bits here and there)
-Moving stuff around between ships and colonies. This can be manually done for specific resources as you wish.
-Mining asteroids and other natural objects.
-Salvaging artificial objects which will retrieve manufactured resources unlike ore mining.
-Construction of stations and ships will have the freight automatically moved there via freighters from nearby colonies or other fleets.
-Characters that are assigned to fleets and colonies will move to the location. They exist in the game within ships and colonies just like any other item would. (Needs a little more work to function correctly).
-Ships themselves can also be stored on colonies.(Hangars for holding ships within ships are in development too).

I will get into more details and the rest of what happened in the last year in next parts of the log, since it will take too long here and I need to finalize and sort out some more of the UI and related code.


The method I used to do the logistics is supposed to be more efficient by avoid certain things and doing some behind the scenes trickery. It should avoid some of the usual performance problems 4x games have at late game. As a whole it was much more difficult to deal with than expected. It needed a lot of trickery and unconventional code to deal with. However, it did eventually get done, and its working for the most part. To be frank its a bit hard to believe even for me. Any how, see you in the next part of dev log 10 and then onto the closed alpha.

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Dev log 9: tactical Control


The tactical level is the “lowest” level of the game, ie: the hands on control of your main characters fleet, where your empire building and role playing comes to a head. Tactical is technically the first part of the game I got functioning about 3 years ago, in a sense I have come full circle in development.

This dev log has been a long time coming. Now on to the actual development update:

The first major change is that Star Zeal now uses Unity’s physics engine almost entirely to control ships in space, other than certain rotations(aiming). Previously it was done exclusively via code and ignored physics which was more precise but didn’t feel so good. Now however, the moments are more realistic and allows for more emergent results, especially during combat. The only draw back was that it required a lot of time to refine the ship control code to reach a playable state.

Ship Movement:

Ships use two types of researchable/upgradeable components for movement, thrusters(main engines) and vectoring(eg: inertia dampeners and vectoring engines).

Main engines dictate the forward speed, acceleration and top speed. This is calculated by multiplying the engine count and things like the mass and even weapon fire speed limits. I also added an uncapped speed for positioning at long distances, which can reach very high speed. It can take a while for ships to accelerate to the top speed, especially for ships with high mass to thrust ratio, same applies to slowing down.

The vectoring stat dictates ship maneuverability, IE: turning, aiming and avoiding speeds. Similar to main engines being modified by engine count, ship designs come with their own vectoring factor modifiers depending on the base ship design. Larger ships are generally more sluggish due to the mass calculation. However they can technically be as maneuverable as smaller ship classes depending on the tech used. Vectoring is also used for avoiding collisions which doesn’t always work out as intended for the captain.



I have now added most of the major types of weapons, beams, missiles(includes torpedoes) and plasma based. Also weapons now use “free” power/energy left on the ship and or ammo that will require resupply when expended. There are more planned to be added but that will be during early access. Another added weapon feature is the aiming and missing system based on spread. Its not an random number roll for hitting but a roll for the spread when shooting.

Missiles have been around for a while, but now they have better movement and targeting code along with the ammo mechanic mentioned above. Missiles are also able to be launched in salvoes depending on the ship and or ship part used to contain them. Beam weapons on the other hand are a completely new addition. They do constant damage until needing to recharge or energy runs out. Beams can also hit anything that passes between the beam even if its not the intended target, ie: beams are actual beams. I made the base damage output of beams an order of magnitude lower than for other weapons because of the rate of damage, but with enough research investment they can be extremely potent.

Some more additions to ship functionality:
-Turrets and independent vs normal forward firing weapons. Now ships can fire independently at targets that cross the range of weapons.
-Implemented crew injuries and death during combat.
-Ship parts and components are able to be destroyed.
-Stance and attack modes have been added and improved. This needed a lot of refining due to the change to use mostly physics based movement.
-Added engagement range control. Min and max depends on weapons.
-Speed indicator, this works for non ships also. It is technically a velocity indicator.
-Ship and fleet ui improvements including real time info on specific components of ships in action.


Tactical Map:

The tactical map and tactical orders control are now mostly complete. There should not be any more major changes to it from now on. Most of what I did was make it easier to control everything from the tactical map view. It was mostly UI related stuff, annoying to work on but very necessary. If you want to you can stay on the tactical map and give all necessary orders to your ships without ever having to go down to the full 3d view.

Important note: You are only able to give direct orders in the tactical level to ships in fleets that under your main character/leaders command, whomever that may be. There is an auto battle system in progress to deal with the other fleets outside of this level.


So thats it for dev log 9. The steam page is coming up next along with finalizing, adding and refining everything needed for the early access release. Thanks for reading my latest log and don’t forget to leave a comment if you so wish. See you next time.


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News: August 2021.

Star Zeal 4x is still alive! The reason I have not updated for so long was to help myself focus on some stubborn and heavy coding that remained. Development has had its ups and downs but has luckily gone well enough in the last 6 months for me to able to post this.

A great amount of work has been done since the last time I uploaded anything, so much so that I have forgotten some of it. As such, I cannot fit everything I can talk about into this post, so I will be quickly summarizing what has been done and subsequently making some dev logs.

These are the main areas I have worked on, in preparation for the early access release:

-Game physics, EG: ship movement and combat. All of these now use physics simulation more so than they used to. This made the tactical part of the game feel smoother and more sensible. You will be able to see what I am talking about in action in the upcoming combat/tactical video.

-Weapons have received some more code and refining. There are now 3 main types of weapons, beams, plasma and ballistic. More are planned for a later stage.

-AI: Much more of the AI code has been completed, especially with regards to relations and the character AI which controls leaders independently to their factions. So now the interactions between you and the AI should get a bit more spicy.

-Great deal of bug fixing and troubleshooting, along with the never ending work on the UI.

-Large amount of art including vfx and new ship models like the sloop class seen as the center piece in the header image. The sloop class is the first official “proper” sized ship in the game.

Simply put, I managed to get an important chunk of development in the bag and I will get into the real meaty details in the upcoming logs. It will be a sort of final run before early access and there is a lot to go through. See you soon.

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Dev Log 8 Procedural Research.

Finally its time to talk about my progress on the procedural research and tech tree. This is an important part of the game I have mentioned before and wanted to show off a while ago, but I couldn’t get enough done to do a dev log justice until now. I underestimated the amount of coding required to flesh it out. Also the related UI really needed some extra work(as usual). Anyway, the time has come and here it is, so lets get on with it.

This is the research window (wip). A lot of the naming is placeholder, so don’t worry about that.

The research window does not look like anything special at first glance but it does not work how a typical 4x tech tree does. I guess you could say its more rpg than 4x in that department. Also the simplistic look is so it is both easier for players to use and for me to work on it over time. I doubt a fancy procedural tech tree that can keep going on technically forever is going to end up being good for ones sanity. Also this way you don’t have to scroll around the tech tree window too much to find the techs/research you want.

As of now I have implemented a few different types of main research categories: Basic, Military, Civil and Spacetime (working names). Each of these categories have their own points that you accumulate through doing things like exploring, combat, building labs on ships and colonies etc… There will be many ways to get these points, difficulty increasing for the “higher tech” types. I am also planning to implement at least one more techs/research type as biological science to go with medical related techs. Though it might be best to leave that for updates during early access.

There are two main types of research paths(different to the categories mentioned above), one which is a linear global improvement for some specific technology and the other which provides new components. Linear types have a global effect while the other provides new tech components which can be more varied. On occasion, a newer tech can be bigger, require a harder to find resource and or consume more power than expected than the previous one. Thus the older tech could be more suitable for your current purposes. These paths are where the bulk of the procedural research is and there will be a lot of paths to choose from. You won’t know the exact details of the attainable tech as you progress through these paths up until the particular research is complete. However it won’t be a blind dice roll either as you will be influencing the probabilities of what you will receive with your actions to high degree.

I have also made it so researching requires some logistics and pre-planning, which works in tandem with the resource system mentioned in dev log 7. You will require a place to research, either on a ship or colony and some scientist population including a lead scientist. Labs are required only for ships in order to do research. Colonies on the other hand only needs the player to allocate science capability points. The next achievable technology requirements are also procedural in most cases, thus some techs might need a specific resource to research(thats what that empty square in the branch boxes in the tech tree screenshot above are for). Though I intend these extra requirements only for later tier and rare techs. Another element I plan on implementing is the possibility of mistakes and unintended consequences during research, adding an extra risk. I will leave it until more testing is done though, I don’t want to go too far and end up making research frustrating.

So thats that for dev log 8. There are quite bit more details involved in the technology generation but I don’t want to give too much away, I might spoil it. Overall my real aim with the procedural research and tech is to allow the game to create some interesting situations on its own. Lets just say it could get a bit “fun” in the late game, maybe a solar system or two could be blown to smithereens or a whole civilization wiped out by a disease. Nothing too dramatic.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask below or in the website pages/links below.

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Dev Log 7: Resources and Production

First of all, happy new year!

Quick bit of info on some changes to the dev log format(excluding this one). Upcoming dev logs will focus on one main aspect at a time. Thus each log will be shorter, more precise and not separated into multiple parts. However there will be more of them.

Now let me explain why dev log 7 took so long, unlike how I planned it out. It was initially meant to be dev log 6 part 2, but things did not go so smooth and it got delayed. Perhaps my explanation will help other devs who read this in regard to potential pitfalls with their own games, especially if they are a one man project.

The main reason it took so much time is due to some underestimation on my part of my own game and what I have already coded in. Due to the procedural nature of Star Zeal, everything important needs to be connected to and accounted for by one another, often in unexpected ways. For example, a mundane issue like a bugged sensor on a colony resulted in me having to fill in many holes in codes related to the procedural tech generators, buildings, and even colony governors. The more I added the more the other scripts already there had to be added onto, to account for the new code and themselves. It is a good thing I preplanned and left open the initial code to accommodate these things, otherwise it would been a real mess.

It was a long slog and I had to complete more of the game than I expected at unexpected times. However, they were overcome eventually, to my relief. Now on to the actual dev log.


Colony resources and production:

What you see in the gameplay video above is one of the main loops of Star Zeal where you craft space ships for your fleets. The player gathers and manufactures required resources then sends them to the constructor(s) which will build what you want over time. Essentially its about setting a production chain in order to get what you want. In this specific case a colony is producing and moving manufactured resources for a ship being built in a station orbiting it. Note that ships can be constructed on planet surfaces too, if a colony has a shipyard. Also, you can have multiple shipyards on a single ship or colony increasing the amount of ships built at a time.

Resources used to construct things in Star Zeal are split into two types, excluding the main “credit income”. First comes raw minerals and second are manufactured resources. Minerals are naturally found resources, usually ores like metals or uranium and natural gases. Manufactured resources are those that are made from these raw minerals. As an example uranium is required for the production of plutonium, which is then required by ships with components that need plutonium to be constructed, such as reactors. Also a quick note that ship components can vary quite wildly in their resource requirements since they are procedurally generated as tech(I will get into the real meat of that in an forthcoming dev log).

Manufacturing in the current build occurs on colonies with enough industrial capacity and available minerals to produce said manufactured resource. Industry on a colony depends on the capability points of the planet used for it, which takes time to be applied/changed. Also, resources required for construction are needed on location, they are not abstracted, which is why the construction process uses the freight system(mentioned in previous logs) to transfer said resources. Colonies also give production bonuses, mostly in the form of decreasing the time it takes build things. Coding this section/loop was what really delayed the log, it was a pain in the neck, especially the freight transferring code, but worth it in the end.

Finally, another important feature is that resources are not only for producing things, but also for supplying your fleets. Each ship will have its own crew(also considered a resource) and resupply requirements IE: resources for fuel. I will cover this in more detail in a forthcoming log. Its functioning well enough, but needs a bit more work before I show it in action.

So, that’s that for dev log 7. It caused some hair pulling and angst, however I achieved most of what I wanted and Star Zeal 4x came out of it unscathed, thank the indie dev gods. Updates and logs should come more frequently now that these core game mechanics are truly functional. I’d also like to thank those who supported the development so far in any way. Much appreciated.

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Dev Log 6 part 1

This time its a general dev log.

Let us start with the main attraction, actual gameplay footage.

What the video shows off is essentially the completion of basic fleet control and main view levels(full, tactical and map). Much of the functionality seen in the video was implemented earlier on in development, about 1.5 – 2 years ago. However the big difference now is that these core elements are connected/go through the more complicated parts of game like the various procedural generators including the research, design, colonies etc… The whole shebang.

Even though most of the work went into completing older parts of Star Zeal, there have been some important additions. One of these is fuel, you can see this via the UI in the video when I give the orders for the fleet to warp. I put some warnings in there too, so you don’t unknowingly send your fleets somewhere and they end up  getting stuck due to fuel running out.

I will be honest, getting it to this stage was quite a bit more grinding than I thought it would be, but I think it will be worth it. Its finally a game one can play like a game, if you know what I mean.



The player can now explore(and exploit) procedurally generated areas like debris fields, gas clouds and other types of phenomena outside of solar systems. Debris fields for example can contain resources, salvageable ships and other peculiarities. They are also in line with the factions and or history of the sector or cluster. You can see the fleet entering into an area, a debris field in this case, near the end of the video.

Atmospheric scattering has been added which is used to show dust, radiation and other environmental effects. These will also affect sensors and ship integrity, so technically its more than mere eye candy.




Leaders now have procedural history specific to them which will accumulate as each character experiences in an important event like a large battle, special missions, promotion or when he/she is killed/lost. This happens for the AI’s characters too. Also dead leaders still keep their history and “ID” in the factions, so they will have a memorial of sorts.

The leader window as seen above(WIP) will allow easy control of active and available leaders. Also note that leaders who are available to be hired/recruited actually exist on a location accessible to your faction. Usually these leaders will show up on colonies and space stations and sometimes in more odd places. Another important point is they can be killed if the colony or object they are on is destroyed, it doesn’t matter if you recruited them or not. I will get into more detail about the leaders/characters in the next log.


So that ends dev log 6 part 1. Part 2 will continue with more progress on leaders and finishing up even more things in general. There should also be more ingame videos coming. If you have any comments don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below.


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Dev Log 5: Part 2

shiMpartsWIPThilakshaEkanayake Combined CROPPED

Part 2 of dev log 5 will deal with progress on ships and their mechanics, which is probably the biggest attraction for most players. However before I delve into it I want to mention for those that might not know that Star Zeal has full 3d, real time ship movement and engagements. This full 3d view is always active, it is basically the view of whichever fleet you are currently in direct command of via a commander character/leader. It is where most of the ship screenshots come from.


Basic ship combat mechanics:

boomingzoomingzoomingbooming ThilakshaEkanayake

Ships have multiple attack modes: Currently implemented are boom & zoom and chase & strafe.  There will be more options added but they will come when some more of the weapons coding is completed and I test out the combat more. Each ship in a fleet can be given their own stance which controls the style of combat, however each design now comes with a default (recommended) setting which will be used when the stance is on “Fire at will”.

Ships have also received certain interchangeable external parts which add weapon slots, cargo space and other enhancements (this can be seen in the header image). The types of parts you can interchange depends on the faction, ship hull and class, for example corvettes get corvette external parts. These parts can also be destroyed from normal hit detection, unlike internal components. With this in mind I separated the main engines into an external part instead of being an internal component, so it can get hit directly by incoming projectiles instead of using RNG.  Furthermore engine components automatically multiply in number and cost depending on the design of the hull. So if the hull has 4 engine slots when you install the engine component it gets multiplied by 4. This corresponds to the amount of engines visible in the 3d model in most cases.

As for the actual ship classes, weapons/components and lore behind them, I will show that off in another log. It needs a little more tlc all around before hand and a whole log part to fit in.


Tactical map:


The tactical map existed for quite some time but only now have I had enough progress on related aspects like ships/fleet combat to really begin filling it out. It is essentially the map of the current “full zone”, the place your fleet under direct command is in. Most of the recent work went into the world space UI, to represent where ships are and what they are doing. Note that height is represented positive and negative depending on whether you are under the alignment plain or above. (Alignment plain is the grid).

Another small change is that ship classes are now represented by symbols, eg: Corvettes are triangles. I did this so its easier to see the types of ships easier both in the tactical and other places. It also saves me a ton of time on 2d icon art.


Ship graphics:


Textures and shaders have been adjusted on ships and things like the world reflections were made somewhat better than before. This removed the need to use secondary lights unless there is something actually causing extra lights. Basically, the lighting was made a little more realistic. Also, in case anyone was wondering, the dark lighting is a feature, this is a personal touch I guess. I like the mysterious feeling it gives, its meant to suit the lore I have been developing. Space is a scary and dangerous place after all. I have also added remap colors to ships so you can tell which factions they belong to, even in the full 3d view and it allows for some more eye candy variation.


In the previous log I mentioned that in this one I would talk about progress on the rpg element along with ships, however I realized that would get too long so it will be in the next log. These logs are starting to get a lot bigger than I assume they will be. I will probably have to split some upcoming parts into smaller ones. I guess its a good sign for the depth being gradually built into the game.

So with that I conclude dev log 5 part 2.  Let me know what you think or if you have any questions please leave a comment below. Also if you are interested in supporting Star Zeal, check out the funding page here: or simply use paypal here:

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Dev Log 5 Part 1


Finally! The next development log.

As I mentioned in my previous update/news article, this dev log is quite large compared to  previous ones. Its so big that I decided to split it into multiple parts, so as not to drop a massive wall on text on everyone. Doing it this way also helps me organize everything for my own benefit and allows me to finish each part off for early access more smoothly.

The main reason I couldn’t post logs as quickly as before was that it was more useful to work on everything at once instead of completing one smaller thing at a time and updating. I could get away with that earlier in development when the code was simpler and not as connected together.


The first part of this dev log will deal specifically with colonies, resources and the freight/cargo system. All three parts are linked heavily together and depend on one another.


(Do note that I will add more detail into surface views, but first I want to complete more of the game and see how it performs along with everything else. That way I won’t have to down scale.)

Colony progress:

First thing to mention about colonies is mostly visual. The surface view has been returned to the semi 3d view I had used earlier from the purely 2d view. It turned out the semi 3d fixed camera for surfaces was the best option. Its much easier and faster to work on than the pure 2d method. Counter intuitive I know, but that’s just how it worked out in this specific case. Also, I already had 3d assets ready for it and they only needed a little sprucing up. Its a good thing I had them backed up, you never know when you might need them.

Other than that the surface view is also linked to the outside of the planet now. For example other planets that you are near can show up in the horizon, if the atmosphere or lack there of allows it.


(Please note the above image is from a slightly older build, hence the different UI text. These UI elements have since been made more clear as visible in the other screen shots below).

As for the colonies themselves, I made outposts possible to be built on planets while differentiating them from normal colonies. These outposts essentially use the colony functionality but are too small to be counted as one. For example, they do not grow in population naturally. Outposts can serve as mining, military or science bases, or simply to store your stuff.

Other smaller changes/additions to colonies:

-Populations are now split per species, each with its own population down to the last person.
-Crew for ships are “made” via the academy. Each academy gives a max of certain amount of crew at a time. This also depends on population.



Resources come in multiple forms, even population IE people, are considered a resource . Even ships are technically the same and can be stored on planets or in the cargo holds of other ships so long as you have space. The other important feature is that certain resources can be combined, aka manufactured into other resources. These are typically minerals found on planets.

Manufacturing on colonies:

Manufacturing is an important aspect of resource management, though its automated and mostly controlled by the ai of the colony. Resources on planets are refined/turned into manufactured products that are then required to build your ships and other important things.

Manufactured resources depend on the minerals available on the colony. Multiple minerals are required for certain manufacture goods. However common manufactured resources like alloys require very easy to come by resources like metals and gases which are found on most planets. Manufactured commodities are automatically transferred gradually with a freight link when you begin construction. At the moment, manufactured resources are only produced based on demand. (Specified storage of certain amount to be produced is planned to be implemented).




The basic functionality that is used for transferring cargo, IE the resources mentioned above to and from ships and colonies has been completed. The same functionality will later be used for trade, aka freight lanes.

As an example using freight, when colonizing, the fleet fills up with colonists from the source planet before heading off to colonize a target planet. You can pick how many colonists you want before the transfer begins. It also takes a certain amount of time depending on the tech of the freighters or shuttles at the colonies and or fleets disposal.

Essentially you can move around whatever ever you want between ships and planets if they fit in the cargo.


Some minor but related UI updates and the conclusion:

-Reorganized and completed more of the UI related to colonies.
-Split the colony/planet UI window as can be seen in most of the colony screen shots.
-Freight window to go with the freight functionality, mostly complete.

I’ll be honest, the UI is one of the most troublesome and annoying parts to work on. Good thing I left most of it until later when more of the other elements of the game were completed, otherwise a lot of time would have been wasted.

Overall, a lot of progress has been achieved even though it was a bit of struggle as the code became more complicated as I completed more of game. However its more complicated in a good way, more options for the player, more meat for the procedural generators.


Part 2 up next and it will deal with my personal favorite section of the game, ships and the rpg element.

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Its 2020 and Star Zeal development continues.


Belated happy new year!

Its been some time since the last update, so I decided it would be prudent to make a short news article about development progress, and upcoming dev logs.

Since the last dev log a great deal of work has gone into the code. Essentially I have been connecting the main elements of the game together closing out the main gameplay loop, which also turned out to be more complicated than I had assumed. This is not really a bad thing since the higher amount of complexity in the code is due the game having more depth. Most importantly though, Star Zeal development is still hanging in there, important progress has been made.

To show off this work, there will be an upcoming dev log, which is so big that I had to break it up into quite a number of parts. If everything goes accordingly it should be one of the last dev logs before I release into early access.

I will get into more detail for each gameplay element in the upcoming multi part dev log,

Also, in case you are wondering, the header picture is a screen shot from the planet surface view of a colony belonging to a procedural AI faction. Similar to a pirate faction.

Finally, a quick reminder that if you want to support development you can do so via paypal here: and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask in the comments or email me at